International Connections

Haiti  / US
Christy Bauman has been a missionary teacher in Port Au Prince, Haiti for the past four years (2008-2012) before returning home to Wisconsin to become part of the ICON team. Raised in the church, she has had a strong desire for missions work since she was young, desiring to make disciples and preach the gospel. She has traveled to Mexico, Vietnam, the Philippines and Haiti to date but desires to "go to the nations". Currently she is involved in "international outreach" in the Dells area, ministering to visiting international workers with ICON founder Jeff Jensen. 

Vinh Nguyen......Associate pastor of the first evangelical church planted in Vietnam in 1911 in Da Nang.   He is currently working with youth and some underground churches while pursuing a doctural degree in ministry from Regent University.  Vinh is a young man being trained and raised up for equipping many others to lead exploding church growth in the near future.  
Ron and Shelby Adhikari.....Seasoned missionary couple who have served in the Philippines and now in Taiwan. Highly regarded by the missionary community around the world they are leaders in Diaspora missions movement which focuses on reaching internationals dispersed around the world.  They are reaching the Vietnamese, Thai and Filipino community that live in Taiwan hoping to reach many for the Lord who will return to their own countries someday  trained and equipped to reach their own families and friends with the Gospel.
Paul Daniel.....Pastor and church planter for many years in India.  Powerful in the ministry of the word as well as training and raising up pastors to set in place over numbers of churches.  Paul visits the US regularly and has impacted many not only through preaching/teaching ministry but through his life message.
Victor Noquiao and Roger Makiling are pastors and missionaries that model Jesus heart for leaders.  Both demonstrate humility and selflessness as they lay down their lives for the sake of the Gospel.  They carry a genuine burden for the church and the Filipino people.
Eric and MJ Johansen  and two daughters serve in NW Thailand near the Myanmar [Burma] border.  They focus on reaching the Karen people, a tribal group from Myanmar, through helps ministry and teaching English as a second language.  Through church planting and Bible training they are equipping Thais to take on the stronghold of Bhuddism  in their country.
Larry Mills  and family living in a country steeped in history and bridging Europe with Asia are purposing to live out the gospel in genuine faith and love.   Larry is involved with training and equipping the church and is reaching the unsaved through powerful relational ministry. 

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